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USB-C Charger: up to 30 W

Smartphones, tablets, headphones, cameras: more and more devices from our everyday lives have the universal USB-C connection and can be charged via it. Even though up to 100 watts are possible via the connection, you don't necessarily need such powerful power supplies. In the table below, you will find measured values for modern chargers with USB-C interface, with up to 30 watts nominal power. In addition to the overall rating, the table shows the energy efficiency for various loads, the standby consumption, the maximum output power for USB-C Power Delivery and possible voltage-current-combinations at the USB-C PD outlet.

Chargers based on GaN technology (gallium nitride semiconductor) are highlighted as well. The necessary electronics for "GaN Tech" are a bit more complicated, but corresponding power supplies are more efficient and up to 50 percent smaller and lighter.

In addition, basic information about the charger can be found under each product name, including the weight and number of USB sockets. Further details such as the maximum output power for each socket and Quick Charge support functions are available as pop-up text.

The color of the overall rating represents the average energy efficiency of any charger. Red represents low efficiency, green higher efficiencies and therefore less energy loss and also less heat.


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