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USB-C Power Banks (In/Out)

For over 20 years, more precisely since 1996, the Universal Serial Bus has been accompanying us in billions of everyday products, probably better known under its acronym USB. As convenient as the "square head" USB Type-A and its more compact relatives such as Micro-USB are: Technology is advancing and so in 2014 the connection that should change everything was announced to the public – USB Type-C.

USB-C not only makes it possible, for the first time in the USB universe, to insert the connector in both directions, it is also significantly more robust than micro- and mini-USB, supports flexible fast charging technologies with up to 100 watts and can furthermore supply video signals and some other protocols via extensions.

Even if most of it is not necessary for USB batteries, its flexibility turns USB-C into a promising candidate for a new, universal connector for the next two or more decades. We therefore recommend thinking long term and only buying power banks with a USB-C connection from now on. USB-C is the future, more robust and already offers many advantages.


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