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In order not to get lost when it comes to the seemingly endless selection, we regularly test new power banks and select the best ones for you. In addition to the overall rating, the table shows the energy efficiency , measured capacity , charging time and voltage at the USB output .

The capacity measured by us is given in watt hours (Wh) and not in the usual milliampere hours (mAh), since the latter information always causes confusion and is not comparable due to the sometimes very different voltages at the USB output. A charge of 1,000 mAh corresponds in practice to about 3.7 Wh. An average smartphone needs about 8-12 Wh for a charge, a common tablet about 20-30 Wh.

The coloring of the overall rating represents the energy efficiency of the respective battery. Red stands for a low efficiency, green for a higher efficiency and therefore less loss when charging and discharging the battery.


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